Green Plus Kenya (GREEN+) is an environmental organisation designed to create awareness, build capacity and enhance advocacy about the environment through networking and sharing of information on current and ongoing environmental issues while providing environmental consultation services. Green + works with an innovative and creative team with relevant expertise experience and professional knowledge and skills on diverse environmental issues.

Green+ Vision Statement

Creating Environmental Conscious Communities

Green+ Mission Statement

To promote environmental management action through mobilization of Environmental partnerships, networking and services.

Green+ provides the following Environmental Services:-

Environmental Impact Assessment


Development of Corporate Social & Environment Responsibility Action plans

Environmental Emergency Response through Green Cross voluntary program

Environmental Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Environmental Students Internship and Attachment

Green Plus youth voluntary program

Youth Mobilization for environment

Environmental Capacity Building & Awareness Creation

Community Mobilization & Participation  in Environmental Program

Resource Mobilization and Partnerships

Environmental Program and Project Management

Environmental advocacy

Monitoring and Evaluation

Environmental Professional Training Programs

Alternative Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Environmental Research

Feasibility Studies and Environment Survey


GREEN+ platform brings our environment closer, enabling us to care and protect it. Information is power, and knowledge about our environment keeps us conscious of our surrounding. That means we are in contact with our natural environmental and aware of our footprints each and everyday.

GREEN+ seek to share information, innovation, research and intervention about the environment through its daily practices and networking on the online social media.


An interactive program has been launched under GREEN+ which enables the general public (Individual and Organisation) to actively get involved in contributing to our common environment. GREEN CROSS  is a open membership program that also enable the public to receive mobile updates (in form of SMS) on environmental issues and to be able to volunteer in Environmental Action &  Emergency Responses, in the dynamic environmental events (like natural disasters, community environmental project, advocacy campaigns, town/city cleanup, etc)


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