LED Lighting the World

LED Lighting the World.

17| June| 2016
They say with great power comes great responsibility, and it turns out this adage may apply to electrical power as well. In many developed countries, the percentage of the world’s energy consumed far exceeds the percentage of the population that lives there. Extrapolating on this data about energy usage made it clear that if all the countries of the world one day consumed energy at the same rate as these countries, the world’s energy supply and natural resources simply wouldn’t be enough to continue powering the globe.e14-60smd---1

In response to this data, a program was launched in India to provide households with low-energy LED lighting in hopes that energy usage would significantly decrease. The program gave away <a href=”https://www.ledlights.co.uk/wired/worldwide-adoption-of-energy-free-lighting/”>770 million LED light bulbs</a> in the hope of reducing India’s energy footprint. The lights were distributed in 2015, and it’s now time to examine the results and see if the experiment worked.

Visit, https://www.ledlights.co.uk/   to find out more.




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