what an inspiring documentary project

I not only saw this project as a brilliant idea but also as a call for action, to the Kenyan community to ensure that this project is a success. It might seem just  another environmental documentary series, but i can a sure you that such a project can yield so much knowledge and information about our waste management issues from the source to the final dumping site. Exposing our collective waste management failure, providing solution and enlightening the Kenyan community on innovations in the solutions.

Get on it, and  support this noble cause through voting and contributing towards this environmental project (follow the trash) right away on its site, GOT 4 DAYS LEFT..




Naivasha is one of the fast Growing market towns in the Nakuru County -Kenya. It is situated at the floor of the Great Lift Valley and quite known for it tourist attraction sites and as the largest producer of horticultural products worldwide. Nevertheless Naivasha residents and businesses face a challenge of poor drainage systems this regards to flash floods and run off.

Naivasha’s Drainage System has been frequently modified and re-modified but has never been able to hold the amount Run off after 5-10 minutes of heavy rainfall. When it rains the town is partially paralyzed for like an hour,before getting back to normal. With the Current County Governments there should be a concrete solution to this problem sooner than later because for every hour a town’s progress is partially crippled, there is a lot to lose both for the residents and the county economy at large.

So what can be done about this?

A random suggestion would be “Learning from Experience”. It is easier to learn from other areas around the globe, who in the past have suffered from flash floods, and natural storms which bring about huge amount of water(run off) in cities and towns. A simple lesson from their drainage systems would be integrated and tried out.

Practical Opportunities for Professional Environmentalist

Practical Opportunities for Professional Environmentalist

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Here you will find the IHS (Institute for Housing and Urban Development)-under Erasmus University Rotterdam (IHS),CDI (Centre for Development Innovation)-under Wageningen University and ITC (Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation)-under Universityof Twente, as the best in theory and hand-on practical learning in various fields of environment

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