Green Energy Systems Projects

Green Energy Systems (GES)

Home-Made Alternative Renewable Energy Innovation 

(Wind, Solar, Biomass,Biogas)

Green plus Kenya is developing Home  Made Alternative Renewable Energies to substitute the unsustainable fuel energies used locally(firewood and charcoal).

Green + Kenya has put together a team to design and manufacture Green Energy Systems, made from materials(recycled) found locally.

The team will develop a design manual for every Green Energy system it will make so as to share the designs with communities all over Kenya to enable individual or group to make their own energy system that works best in their locality.

The objective  of the Green Energy Systems is to:-

  1. To promote the use of sustainable Green Energies System at a local level
  2. To empower communities with the skill and capacity necessary to design a home made green energy system
  3. To reduce on the high cost associated with purchasing manufactured(imported) Green Energy Systems.

The idea behind the GES is to promote sustainable energy system that can be replicated locally, using locally found materials(like waste plastic, wood,bottles, cans, wires, motors,old car batteries) together with a few manufactured part like solar panels.


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